Vicolux digital lighting controller

Vicolux lighting controller

The new vicolux® DLC3005 digital lighting controller from Vision & Control sets the standard for its LED lighting based on vicolux® smart light-technology. The controller monitors all lighting operating states online, and when appropriately configured it guarantees dependable, fault-free operation of the lighting within the defined performance limits. The universal digital inputs and industrial-grade standard connectors are compatible with PLC, NPN, PNP and TTL signals, making the controller easy to integrate into any system. All types of high-performance LED lighting can be operated with the controller in continuous or pulsed mode. In summary:

  • * For all types of high-performance LED lighting
  • * Rugged and compact
  • * Ease of integration and simple operation
  • * Enormous performance density
  • * Industrial-grade standard connectors
  • * Two SPS-compatible digital inputs and outputs
  • * Adjustment by Web interface or manually
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